The Max Ophüls Preis Film Festival is considered the most important newcomer film festival in the German-speaking world, giving voice and presenting the works of new talents from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the 43rd edition of the festival will take place from January 16-26, 2022 as a decentralised and hybrid event in nine Saarland cinemas as well as online for an audience from all over Germany.

We are happy to offer a wide selection of competition films as well as other films from the official programme exclusively online with English subtitles to an English-speaking audience.

The competition films can be watched online from the time their cinema premiere is scheduled until Sunday, January 30, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. – as long as the contingent lasts. Films from the MOP-Watchlist and the MOP-Shortlist will be available right from the start of the festival until January 30. Regarding the further distribution in Germany, the streaming offer is restricted in terms of ticket numbers and territory (geo-blocking on Germany).

You can purchase and watch your streaming tickets right here on the festival website by following these steps:

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  3. Enter a valid e-mail address where your ticket-ID will be sent to
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  7. Enter your ticket-id which was sent to you by e-mail after you bought the ticket (check your spam folder, if it’s not in your inbox) and you can start the film

Please note, that there will be no English-subtitled films in the cinemas. The premiere times of the competition films are included in our timetable.

For any further queries, don’t hesitate to contact our team via Julia Ebersbach:

We wish you great fun discovering emerging talents and their cinematic visions!


Feature film competition


    Germany, Spain 2021 | fiction | colour | 95 min. | German, English, Spanish with English subtitles | world premiere

    Director, screenwriter, cinematographer: André Szardenings
    Editor: Antonia-Marleen Klein
    Music: NOIA (Eduardo Noya Schreus)
    Sound: Lukas Rabl
    Producers: Katharina Kolleczek, Lea Neu, kalekone film, Julius Nitschkoff
    Production: ifs internationale filmschule köln
    Cast: Julius Nitschkoff, Lana Cooper, Karin Hanczewski, Moritz Führmann, Zoe Trommler

    For as long as 21-year-old Bruno can remember, there has only been him and the unconditional love of his mother Toni, who is 15 years older. Nothing else seems to find room in the chaotic life of the two. It is only when Hannah, Toni's new partner, moves into the bungalow they share in Spain that Bruno is in danger of losing his mother's essential love. Displaced from the bed they share, Bruno must realize that his previous sense of responsibility for Toni, is a greater burden for him than he thought.  Faced with the decision between his own life and the suffocating relationship with his mother, Bruno realizes that this will be the first decision he has to make on his own...

    You can purchase and watch the film here.


    Germany, Netherlands 2021 | fiction | colour | 92 min. | English with German subtitles | German premiere

    Director: Marten Persiel
    Screenwriter: Marten Persiel, Aisha Prigann
    Cinematographer: Felix Leiberg
    Editor: Maxine Goedicke, Bobby Good
    Music: Gary Marlowe
    Sound: Jos ten Klooster, Marten Negenman
    Producers: Katharina Bergfeld, Martin Heisler
    Production: Flare Film
    Cast: Noah Saavedra, Jessamine-Bliss Bell, Paul G. Raymond, Wim Wenders, Markus Imhoof

    In a dystopian 2054, three young rebels go on a journey to find traces of the long lost beauty of nature, hoping to discover what happened to their planet. The answer lies in the past and when they find the key to a decade – the 2020s – when a colourful future was still possible, everything changes. In this unusual road movie, fiction meets scientific fact to explore the most pressing question of our time: extinction.

    You can purchase and watch the film here.


    Germany, Spain 2022 | fiction | colour | 80 min. | German, English with English subtitles| world premiere

    Director, screenwriter: Roman Toulany
    Cinematographer: Constantin Campean
    Editor: Roman Toulany, Constantin Campean
    Music: Lukas Mayfloor, Jonas Lechenmayr
    Sound: Jonas Lechenmayr, Kai Unger
    Producers: Roman Toulany, Constantin Campean, Pit Bukowski
    Cast: Salber Lee Williams, Pit Bukowski, Timo Fakhravar, Carmen Molinar

    A cab stops in a quiet island panorama. A young woman gets out, the cab driver speeds away. She notices that the streets are deserted. Not a soul, not a sound. The cityscape seems lifeless, the stores are mute. Her walking steps echoe between the empty hotels and houses. Her calls remain unanswered, only a few distant birds answer - until a hand touches her shoulder. 

    A young man stands in front of her, with an innocent look and a knife in his hand. He just wants money, nothing else. A mysterious secret surrounds him, just like the island. And like the island, he gives no explanation. 

    Just like the ominous cab driver who brought the woman here. They guard a secret that the young vacationer discovers when she encounters a motherly woman who is open to her concerns and welcome her with open arms. 

    You can purchase and watch the film here.


    Germany 2021 | fiction | colour | 85 min. | German, English with English subtitles | German premiere

    Director, screenwriter: Zora Rux
    Cinematographer: Jesse Mazuch
    Editor: Zora Rux, Kalle Boman, Henning Stöve, Martin Herold
    Music: Ben Roessler, Mister Milano, Jonathan Ritzel
    Sound: Robert Hefter
    Producers: Leonie Minor, Roxana Richters, Fred Burle
    Production: Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB)
    Cast: Elisa Plüss, Thomas Fränzel, Sebastian Schneider, Judith van der Werff, Lola Klamroth and others

    Completely overwhelmed by her boyfriend Julian proposing to her, Marie escapes to the countryside in order to collect her thoughts. But instead of finding peace, she is blindsided by her personified thoughts, her "thought people". Be it her mother listing baby names, a melancholic poetry-composing lady in a sari, or her ex-boyfriend climbing from trees – everyone is talking to her incessantly. Things get really complicated when Julian shows up - with his own "thought people" in tow. ICH ICH ICH is a surrealistic story that coherently and humorously explores the resilience of a relationship and the pursuit of the true self.

    You can purchase and watch the film here.


    Germany 2022 | fiction | colour | 97 min. | German with English subtitles | world premiere

    Directors, screenwriters, producers: Paula Knüpling, Marina Prados
    Cinematographer: Paul Holdsworth
    Editor: Aletta von Vietinghoff
    Music: Fee Aviv Marschall
    Sound: Jona Hamann
    Production: Ladybitches Productions
    Cast: Celine Meral, Christoph Gawenda, Benny Claessens, Asad Schwarz, Luisa-Céline Gaffron

    Ela, a young actress, gets a role with the well-known theatre director Franz Kramer. The production is a great opportunity for Ela, but also comes with pressure. Kramer constantly oversteps Ela’s boundaries, and the situation worsens when Kramer sexually harasses her. Ela struggles to reconstruct her role as a self-confident character—and realizes that in order to do so, she has to take the same steps of self-empowerment in her real life.

    You can purchase and watch the film here


    Austria, France, Belgium, Taiwan 2021| fiction | colour | 120 min. | Mandarin with English subtitles| German premiere

    Director, screenwriter: C.B. Yi
    Cinematographer: Jean-Louis Vialard
    Editor: Dieter Pichler
    Music, sound: Yun Xie-Loussignian
    Producer: Barbara Pichler, Gabriele Kranzelbinder, Guillaume de la Boulaye, André Logie, Patrick Mao Huang
    Production: KGP FilmProduction
    Cast: Kai Ko, Chloe Maayan, Yufan Bai, JC Lin

    Fei makes a living in the big city working as a Moneyboy. His world collapses when he realizes that his family accepts his money but not his homosexuality. Broken-hearted, Fei struggles to create a new beginning in his life.

    You can purchase and watch the film here.


    Austria 2022 | fiction | colour | 76 min. | Austrian German with English subtitles | world premiere

    Director, screenwriter: Elena Wolff
    Cinematographer: Vivian Bausch, Ella Knorz
    Editor, producer: Julia Windischbauer
    Music: SALÒ, Annika Stein, KUOKO
    Sound: Lukas Benedicic
    Cast: Julia Windischbauer, Elena Wolff, Selina Graf, Melanie Sidhu

    Jasmin and Lee have been lovers for three years. When they decide to go on a hiatus in Lee’s mother’s home on the Austrian countryside, they are accompanied by their friend and documentary filmmaker Amira, who wants to capture queer love for her graduation film. Soon Amira falls under the unequal couple’s spell and through her presence exposes what has been hidden.

    You can purchase and watch the film here.


    Germany 2022 | fiction | colour | 84 min. | German, Austrian German with English subtitles | world premiere

    Directors: Genia Leis, Gerald Sommerauer
    Screenwriter: Isabella Oliveira Parise Kröger
    Cinematographer: Francisco MeCe
    Editor: Jonatán Loerincz
    Music: Andor Sperling
    Sound: Nuno Barroso
    Producers: Andrea Bautista, Gerald Sommerauer, Genia Leis
    Production: Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB)
    Cast: Sofia Falsone, Lorenz Klee, Thomas Sommerauer, Rainer Spechtl, Sophia Burtscher

    The young, ambitious Eva came to Vienna from Germany to study architecture. At the end of her studies she begins an internship in the office of the influential architect Andreas Hummel. Her everyday life now revolves around designing an art park, and in the process she gets to know the hierarchies of a male-dominated workplace. She observes the dynamics between the architects and gradually becomes part of the subtle power games.

    As the time elapses, she understands that she should correspond to an image that her environment makes of her: to be a young and available woman. Eva is confronted with the power and scope of this ascription and is forced to define her position clearly.

    You can purchase and watch the film here.


    Switzerland 2021 | fiction | color | 110 min. | Swiss German, French, Japanese with English subtitles| German premiere

    Director, screenwriter: Lorenz Merz
    Cinematographers: Fabian Kimoto, Lorenz Merz
    Editors: Lorenz Merz, Noemi Preiswerk
    Music: Fatima Dunn, Julian Sartorius, Laszlo Ovlinksy
    Sound: Patrick Becker, Oscar van Hoogevest, Lorenz Merz, Manu Gerber
    Producer: Simon Hesse
    Production: Hesse Film
    Cast: Pablo Caprez, Art Bllaca, Ella Rumpf, Tonatiuh Radzi, Luna Wedler and others

    In a delirious summer rush, teenage father Gabriel falls in love with enigmatic Corey, the girlfriend of his best friend Joel. Overwhelmed with the decision of his life Gabriel is catapulted into the unforgiving wilderness of his heart, where imagination is more real than reality.

    You can purchase and watch the film here.


    Germany 2021 | fiction | colour | 90 min. | German, Finnish, English with English subtitles | German premiere

    Director: Laura Lehmus
    Screenwriter: Ruth Toma
    Cinematographer: Anne Bolick
    Editor: Andreas Menn
    Music: Boris Goltz
    Sound: Claudio Demel
    Producers: Markus Kaatsch , Nina Poschinski, Michael Grudsky, Christian Becker, Oliver Schwabe, Laura Lehmus, Eva Habermann, Margarita Amineva
    Production: Zeitgeist FilmProduction
    Cast: Friederike Kempter, Lena Urzendowsky, Florian Lukas, Mareile Blendl, Lasse Myhr and others

    Frida unexpectedly falls pregnant and Felix, the father of her child, breaks up with her to re-unite with his ex. Although some serious health problems caused by the late pregnancy force Frida to rest, she still tries to get Felix back, using methods which are absurd, exaggerated and sometimes hilarious.

    You can purchase and watch the film here.


Documentary film competition


    Germany 2022 | documentary | colour | 94 min. | German with English subtitles| world premiere

    Director: Uli Decker
    Screenwriters: Uli Decker, Rita Bakacs
    Cinematographer: Siri Klug
    Editors: Amparo Mejías, Frank Müller
    Music: Anna Kühlein
    Sound: Philip Hutter, Ludwig Fiedler, Jannik Flieger, Silvio Reichenbach
    Producers: Katharina Bergfeld, Martin Heisler, Isis Struiksma, Nadja Smith
    Production: Flare Film

    Little Uli wants to become a pirate or the Pope, but in no way does she want to fit into the role stereotypes of her Bavarian village. After her father dies, her mother hands her his "secret" box as an inheritance. The contents suddenly change her view of her father, herself, her family and the society in which she grew up.

    A true story about family secrets, gender roles and a childhood in the Bavarian province - told as a tragic-comic rollercoaster ride through animated and documentary images.

    You can purchase and watch the film here.


    Germany, DR Kongo, Austria 2022 | documentary | colour | 77 min. | German, French, English, Lingala, Mashi, Swahili with English subtitles | World premiere

    Directors: Jan-Christoph Gockel, TD Jack Mahamba Muhindo
    Screenwriters: Jan-Christoph Gockel, Yves Ndagano
    Cinematographers: TD Jack Mahamba Muhindo, Eike Zuleeg
    Editor: Christoph Otto
    Music: Matthias Grübel
    Sound: Tavis Jean-Batiste
    Producers: Jan-Christoph Gockel, Kathrin K. Liess
    Production: peaches&rooster

    Yves Ndagano is a former child soldier and coltan miner from the east of DR Congo. For COLTAN FEVER: CONNECTING PEOPLE, he travels back to the places of his childhood to recapture his traumatic past. Ndagano meets his kidnappers, he returns to the coltan mine and even to the place where he was forced to become a murderer. He tries to uncover the connection between his fate and the global trade in raw materials. Finally, he confronts his family, who had rejected him for years. Then, during filming, the volcano Nyiragongo erupts.

    You can purchase and watch the film here.


    Switzerland 2021 | documentary | colour | 80 min. | Swiss German, French, Italian with English subtitles | German premiere

    Directors, screenwriters: Camille Budin, Jela Hasler, Annie Gisler, Thaïs Odermatt, Wendy Pillonel, Anna Thommen
    Cinematographer: Gabriela Betschart
    Editor: Anja Bombelli
    Music: Adrian Pfisterer
    Sound: Salomé Wüllner
    Producers: Judith Lichtneckert, Liliane Ott
    Production: Emilia Productions

    50 years after the introduction of women's suffrage in Switzerland, the issue of equality is far from settled. In this collective documentary project, six filmmakers delve into the everyday lives of six women from different professional backgrounds and explore what it means to be a woman in today's Switzerland.

    A retiree in Lugano struggles to make ends meet with her meagre pension and finds herself falling in love anew. A woman from South America fights to become a nursing specialist while working in a canteen. A professor in Lausanne juggles her career and raising her three children. An opera singer in Zurich is confronted with stereotypical gender roles in her professional world, while her partner manages the household of the family of four. In Geneva, a student takes the liberty of exploring her sexuality in a non-binary way, and a schoolgirl questions gender stereotypes in her everyday life.

    Alternating glimpses into the lives of these "everyday heroines" show how the protagonists consciously resist role attributions and fight for their personal goals against social barriers.

    You can purchase and watch the film here.


    Germany 2022 | documentary | colour | 95 min. | German with English subtitles | World premiere

    Director: Eric Esser
    Screenwriter: Eric Esser, Evelyn Rack
    Cinematographer: Julia Geiß, Florian Baumgarten
    Editor: Evelyn Rack
    Sound: Hannes Richter, Billie Jagodzinska, Ludwig Peter Müller
    Producers: Eric Esser, Simon Stein, Isabell Wackers
    Production: Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF                                           

    A family treasure of photo albums and home movies reveals a swastika pinned on the beloved grandfather’s lapel in a clip from the 1940s. How does a symbol that stands for millions of murders change the way we view a loved one? How much do we know about our grandparents, and how can archival material unravel a puzzle of memories, photos, footage, and family narratives? A documentary about a personal struggle with memory in which family stories meet history.

    You can purchase and watch the film here.


Medium-length film competition

  • Programme 1

    Austria 2022 | fiction | colour | 45 min. | German with English subtitles | world premiere

    Director, screenwriter, editor, producer: Fatih Gürsoy
    Cinematographer: Lennart Hüper
    Music: Shirin Majd
    Sound: Igor Frntic
    Cast: Zaman Kahn Shahin, Alireza Noduschani, Barıs¸ Bilen, Mflinge Nyalsui, Jörg Bergen

    Four refugees are waiting in their accommodation for their asylum decision in Vienna. One evening, one of the residents is invited to a costume party. While searching for their Neverland, the four men dress up - "Everyone can be who they want to be" - but the party turns out to be a letdown and so they wander through the city. Especially Mohammed shows courage towards living his true identity.


    Germany 2022 | fiction | colour | 43 min. | German with English subtitles | world premiere

    Director, screenwriter, producer: Lili Zahavi
    Cinematographer: Maciej Rolbiecki
    Editor: Michel Linzer
    Music: Frederic Hellmann
    Sound: Frederic Hellmann, Paul Powaljaew
    Production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
    Cast: Lisa A., Burak Yigit, Julian S.

    Lisa is in her 14th semester of studying to be a teacher. She’s been trying to write her bachelor’s thesis for years. So we make a deal—to document her progress on film. It will help her structure herself and to keep her eye on the goal. Then it should definitely be manageable in six weeks! But it’s summer, it’s hot and she has to take care of her dog and her plants and yet again her mother has gone missing for months. Her circle of friends insists she must relax - no one functions under pressure - and Lisa gets carried away by the endless possibilities of procrastination. The intended documentation of progress turns into a kaleidoscope of inner conflicts.

    You can purchase and watch the film here.

  • Programme 2

    Germany 2022 | fiction | colour | 36 min. | German, Korean with English subtitles | world premiere

    Director, editor: Florian Schmitz
    Screenwriters: Thomas Empl, Florian Schmitz
    Cinematographer: Martin Paret
    Music: Benedikt Schmitz
    Sound: Sophie Menacher, Torsten Büttner
    Producers: Florian Schmitz,Thomas Empl, Sophia Lorena Gamboa, Julia von dem Berge
    Production: Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln (KHM)
    Cast: Timo Kählert, Sandrine Zenner, Recai Hallaç, So Won Lee, Gu Sim Chang

    It’s so difficult for him to get into the day. „Leutnant“ no longer manages to get up in the morning: a man who has lost something, a man suffering from transcendental homelessness. What do they think of him – the others, the teacher Alba, his colleagues? He keeps ordering new mattresses, sending the old ones back. One day, the carrier enters Leutnant's apartment.


    Austria 2022 | fiction | colour | 26 min. | German with English subtitles | world premiere

    Director, screenwriter: Anna Lehner
    Cinematographer: Paul Sprinz
    Editor: Julia Willi
    Sound: Ines Vorreiter, Flora Rajakowitsch, Lenka Mikulowa
    Producer: Catrin Freundlinge
    Cast: Alexandra Schmidt, Berta Kammer, Michael Mayr, Karoline Bergmair

    College student Flora goes home for the weekend to celebrate her mother’s birthday. While she helps her grandma in the kitchen, witnesses her teenage brother’s life and listens to the conversations at the party, she slowly begins to rethink her priorities.

    Germany 2022 | fiction | colour | 26 min. | German with English subtitles | world premiere

    Director: Alina Yklymova
    Screenwriter: Lisa Brunke
    Cinematographer: Christian Neuberger
    Editor: Lukas Wengorz
    Music: Maximilian Schieder
    Sound: Henrike Sommer, Maximilian Schieder
    Producers: Jana Klingseisen, Paul Hartmann
    Production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
    Cast: Katharina Abel, Massiamy Diaby, Thomas Krutmann

    In the Ruhrpott, the couple AVA and SASCHA run the FLINT* pub STÖRENFRIEDA. A project of their hearts that serves as a safer space for the community but also as a home for the couple. This closed world enters Ava’s father GUNTER, a former miner who needs a place to stay for a couple of weeks. Based on this loaded constellation, the film depicts the inclusivity and exclusivity of safer spaces and critically examines supposedly feminine and masculine spaces.

    You can purchase and watch the films here.

  • Programme 3

    Austria 2022 | fiction | color | 31 min. | German with English subtitles | world premiereDirector: Florian Moses Bayer

    Screenwriters: Florian Moses Bayer, Marie Luise Lehner
    Cinematographer: Maximilian Smoliner
    Editor: Lea Sorgo
    Music: Fabian Bachleitner
    Sound: Jón Geirfinnsón, Flora Rajakowitsch, Alex Siegl, Sophie Wasserburger
    Producer: Caroline Liebhart
    Production: Filmakademie Wien
    Cast: Laurin Saied, Antonia Baumgartner, Felix Oitzinger, Suse Lichtenberger, Thomas Mraz, Christian Strasser; Casting: Saskia Arth

    Gery makes the leap from the youth soccer team to the testosterone-overloaded combat team. He is pushed into desired futures from all sides - he tries to meet all of them without knowing what he actually wants himself.


    Germany 2022 | fiction | colour | 30 min. | German, Turkish with English subtitles | world premiere

    Director, screenwriter, editor: Övünç Baran Güvenışık
    Cinematographer: Paul Maximilian Näther
    Sound: Hans Christian Paul, David Gómez
    Producers: Övünç Baran Güvenışık, Simona Kostova, Ceylan Ataman Checa, Jörg Daniel
    Production: Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB)
    Cast: Tolgahan Kaftan, Alfred Hartung, Sercan Bilinç Güvenışık, Güneş Arslan, Yadigar Uzun, Alexander Gregor

    Disillusioned and in search of a secure foundation of life, the late thirties Tolga visits his hometown and finds himself in the kitchens and living rooms of his shattered family presence. He stoically counters the subtle attempts of others to include him in their own unavoidable concepts of life. But gradually a feeling of rootedness spreads in him...

    You can purchase and watch the film here.

  • Programme 4

    Germany 2022 | fiction | colour | 39 min. | German with English subtitles | world premiere

    Director, screenwriter: Veronika Hafner
    Cinematographer: Holger Jungnickel
    Editor: Nanette Foh
    Music: Michael Lauterbach
    Sound: Andreas Goldbrunner
    Producers: Natalie Hölzel, Sandra Hölzel
    Production: Elfenholz Film
    Cast: Sidonie von Krosigk, Nicole Marischka, Isabella Wolf, Thomas Lettow, Vanessa Eckart

    Louise (28) and her team are on a team-building course in a secluded retreat, led by Yin-Yoga coach Verena (48). However, what begins in a feel-good atmosphere increasingly becomes a compulsion to disclose their innermost fears and issues. One after the other, the participants share their traumatic memories during the exercises, hoping to free themselves from their past and thus perform better in their job. Despite being pressured by Verena, Louise struggles to follow suit and becomes more and more of an outsider.


    Germany 2021 | fiction | colour | 27 min. | German with English subtitles | German premiere

    Director, screenwriter: Sarah Miro Fischer
    Cinematographers: Selma von Polheim Gravesen
    Editors: Sarah Miro Fischer, Selma von Polheim Gravesen
    Music: Steve O'Connor
    Sound: Nils Plambeck
    Producer: Maximilian Seidel
    Production: Rudel Film
    Cast: Malaya Stern Takeda, Aram Tafreshian

    One morning Livia wakes up, with a violent phantasy about a man physically abusing her. When her friends take her for a night out, she has various encounters with different men. She feels that she needs to fight for her ability to be touched and tries to understand, where the border between passion and violence lies.

    Germany 2022 | fiction | colour | 30 min. | German with English subtitles | world premiere

    Directors: Lisa Reich, Josef Zeller
    Screenwriters: Maya Duftschmid, Lisa Reich, Josef Zeller
    Cinematographer: Felix Riedelsheimer
    Editors: Gesa Jäger, Jessica Rudolph
    Music: David Reichelt, Tim Engelhard
    Sound: David Benke, Dominic Titus, Fabian Krebs
    Producers: Tanja Schmidbauer, Andreas Schmidbauer, Michaela Mederer
    Production: Schmidbauer-Film, Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München (HFF)
    Cast: Lina Schuldeis, Lisa Schuldeis, Lynn Kremer, Liliane Amuat, Jonas Brachmann, Marisa Growaldt

    Whenever Rosa (11) is left alone by her mother Nicole (27), she gets haunted by an ominous, shadowlike creature. One day, Rosa’s friend Sophie (11) stays over and Nicole sneaks out to spend the night with her lover. The next day her mother is still nowhere to be seen. Now faced with her biggest fear, Rosa begins to realize that the creature is far more than a harmless childhood fantasy.

    You can purchase and watch the films here.


Short film competition

  • Programme 1

    Germany 2021 | fiction | colour | 15 min. | German with English subtitles | world premiere

    Director, screenwriter: Alison Kuhn
    Cinematographer: Antonia Pepita Giesler
    Editor: Eva Geib
    Sound: Larissa Kischk
    Producers: Sarah Dreyer, Laura Zeuch
    Production: Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF
    Cast: Alexandra Sagurna, Hyun Wanner, Nadine Dubois, Lorenz Krieger, Anne Thoemmes

    Model Ella was booked for the advertising campaign of a new brand of dog food. Because her animal colleague acts unprofessionally at the photo shoot, the photographer and the client decide for Ella to take on its role. Before realizing what is happening, she finds herself on all fours, looking into the relentless flashlight.


    Austria 2022 | fiction | colour | 23 min. | German with English subtitles | world premiere

    Director, screenwriter: Valentin Badura
    Cinematographer: Patrick Wally
    Editor: Andreas Moser
    Sound: Tobias Drechsler, Chris Kuchner
    Producer: Chris Dohr
    Cast: Sebastian Wendelin, Werner Aljoscha Wultsch, Julia Koch

    In order to dissolve the deceased grandfather's household, Philipp and his father set off for their place of origin, Eisenerz. What Philipp initially wants to get over quickly turns out to be a journey into a past that lives on.


    Austria 2022 | fiction | colour | 20 min. | without dialogue | world premiere

    Director, screenwriter: Lisa Hasenhütl
    Cinematographer: Bernhard Schlick
    Editor: Moritz Stieber
    Music: Angel Vassilev
    Sound: Ken Rischard
    Producers: Victoria Herbig, Lisa Hasenhütl
    Production: Filmakademie Wien
    Cast: Felix Kreutzer, Anna Suk, Markus Schleinzer

    It was her voice that made him want to stay. Only first he has to win everyone’s vote. Downvoted by the community a young man learns how to play by the rules of a bizarr jazz club, lobby to the top and all for love and glory. Yet can one persevere in society without losing one's soul?


    Switzerland 2021 | fiction | colour | 12 min. | German, Swiss German with English subtitles | German premiere

    Director, screenwriter: Jela Hasler
    Cinematographer: Andi Widmer
    Editor: Florian Geisseler
    Music: Pest Control
    Sound: Mourad Keller
    Producers: Olivier Zobrist, Anne-Catherine Lang
    Production: Langfilm
    Cast: Sofia Elena Borsani

    A city, in summer. The morning coolness in the river does not last long, the heat covers the city like a magnifying glass under which supposedly trivial everyday nuisances suddenly take on weight. Eli tries to escape the narrowness and agitation of the city – yet keeps being confronted with aggression. And her rage starts to build up.

    You can purchase and watch the films here.

  • Programme 2

    Germany 2022 | fiction | colour | 24 min. | German with English subtitles | world premiere

    Director: Simon Schneider
    Screenwriters: Simon Schneider, Dario Haramustek
    Cinematographer: Martina Di Lorenzo
    Editor, Sound: Tim Egner
    Music: Hannes Bieber
    Producer: Franziska Wieden
    Production: ifs internationale filmschule köln
    Cast: Cornelius Schwalm, Annekathrin Bach, Theresa Berlage, Stephan Benson, Marc Fischer, Hanna Werth

    A nearly finished construction site. The wiring is completed, the walls are painted, the final inspections are being done. The construction manager Thomas Zetzsche is proud of his achievement. The prestigious building he created is a modern dream come true. But suddenly that dream begins to crumble as more and more defects appear. Cables run into dead ends, the fire protection malfunctions and entire rooms go missing. Desperately Thomas is trying to fix the building until he finally accepts that the opening date has to be postponed. Now he must confront his own responsibility in this faulty system and draw the necessary consequences.

    Denmark, Germany 2021 | fiction | colour | 12 min. | Danish, Swedish with English subtitles | German premiere

    International title: HEGN
    Director, screenwriter: Hilke Rönnfeldt
    Cinematographer: Roxana Reiss
    Editor: Matilda Henningsson
    Music: Julius Pollux Rothlaender, Sigurlaug Thorarensen
    Sound: Diana Queiros
    Producer: Asta Stuhr
    Production: Astar Film
    Cast: Lisa Carlehed, Emilie Claudius Kruse

    A fence is built between Denmark and Germany to separate wild boars from domestic farm pigs, to avoid the spreading of a deadly swine influenza. Ebba wakes, just an arm length away from her girlfriend Jona, the reminiscence of her dream about separation and a longing for unity takes its toll on them.

    Germany 2022 | fiction | colour | 16 min. | Arabic, Syriac with English subtitles | world premiere

    Director, screenwriter: Ghiath Al Mhitawi
    Cinematographer: Laura Titze
    Editor: Juliano Castro
    Sound: Moataz Al Qammari
    Producers: Lukas Koll, Sebastian Herbst
    Cast: Ahmad Kiki, Amal Omran

    Damascus in spring 2013. The Syrian soldier Husam is visiting his family. He enjoys his mother's company and food. But he needs to get something off his chest. He wants to tell his mother what he really feels: the people that he is fighting for are corrupt and criminal. He is afraid of death and wants to escape military service. His mother, however, insists on portraying him as a hero fighting for his country and his family's honour.

    Germany 2022 | fiction | colour | 17 min. | German with English subtitles | world premiere

    Director: Marleen Valien
    Screenwriters: Marleen Valien, Max Rauer, Christine Duttlinger, Ludwig Meck
    Cinematographer: Max Rauer
    Editor: Vreni Sarnes
    Music: Jonas Vogler, John Ferrère
    Sound: Johann Meis, Frederik Thomsen, Paul Powaljaew
    Producers: Thomas Schadt, Christine Duttlinger, Ludwig Meck, Lotta Schmelzer, Markus
    Production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
    Cast: Deniz Orta, Merlin Rose, Joshua Jaco Seelenbinder

    Lucy likes Anton and Anton likes Lucy. As both are having two "cool looking drinks," Anton
    reveals that he is HIV positive. Meanwhile Lucy has to realize that her HIV education is in
    pretty bad shape.

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  • Programme 3

    Germany 2021 | fiction | colour | 22 min. | German with English subtitles | German premiere

    Director, screenwriter: Aleksandra Odić
    Cinematographer: Albrecht von Grünhagen
    Editor: Andrea Schönherr
    Music: Micha Kaplan
    Sound: Julian Cropp
    Producer: Stanislav Danylyshyn
    Production: Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB)
    Cast: Vicky Krieps, Aenne Schwarz, Geno Lechner, Horst Günter Marx

    An encounter between a young nurse and her patient Frida, who is the same age, on the border of professional distance and the desire for closeness.

    Germany 2022 | fiction | colour | 12 min. | German with English subtitles | world premiere

    International title: FLICK-A-CIG
    Director: Eléna Weiß
    Screenwriter: Julia Dorit Mergel
    Cinematographer: Matthias Pöltinger
    Editor: Dennis Riebenstahls
    Music: Lena Stoehr
    Sound: Fabian Marquardt, Victor Majarres Gamke
    Producer: Lea-Liya Wang
    Production: HMS Hamburg Media School
    Cast: Marie Rosie Merz, Lea Schmidt, Sebastian Jakob Doppelbauer, Christian Sabisch

    Two teenage girls, Carina and Denise, try their best to flee the void and the pain of their harsh lives. After being caught stealing, endless hours of community service await them. While Carina picks up litter with little to no motivation, she runs across Nikolas, a homeless man lying amidst his belongings. But even though Carina only has eyes for the pills and smokes she could snatch, it's the fascinating and funny person that catches her interest. A tender bond is forming over cigarettes and common loneliness. And maybe there’s even a sort of perspective to be found, a perspective that Carina had been lacking for all her life and future.

    Greenland, Germany 2021 | fiction | colour | 12 min. | Danish, Kalaallisut with English subtitles | German premiere

    Directors, editors: Jonathan Omer Mizrahi, Ariel Sereni Brown
    Screenwriters: Jonathan Omer Mizrahi, Ariel Sereni Brown, Ruth Sørensen, Jane Sakæussen, Miannguaq Jensen, Heidinnguaq Jensen
    Cinematographer: Jonathan Omer Mizrahi
    Music: Anh Chi Trinh
    Sound: Martin Andersen
    Producers: Jonathan Omer Mizrahi, Ariel Sereni Brown, Ann Andreasen (Uummannaq Polar Institute)
    Production: Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln (KHM)
    Cast: Heidinnguaq Jensen, Miannguaq Jensen, Jane Sakæussen, Ruth Sørensen

    On the foothills of Uummannaq mountain, four cybergoth teens are fighting depression. Water contamination spreads throughout the village pipelines and one cybergoth finds herself laying on a hospital bed. The film is a visual poem narrated by a group of young inuit women, reflecting on ongoing suicide attempts and the separation from their families. The cybergoths remind us of a post-apocalypse future, that is to say, the apocalyptic qualities of the present; a fragile reality where national, communal, environmental, and mental stability is at risk.


    Germany 2022 | fiction | colour | 22 min. | German with English subtitles | world premiere

    Director, Screenwriter, Editor, Producer: Moritz Geiser
    Cinematographer: Hannes Schulze
    Sound: Marina Simones Palma
    Producer: Milena Michalek
    Cast: Anne Kulbatzki, Aurelia Schäfer, Wolfgang Michalek, Rahel Ohm, Kaspar Heger

    Cranky teacher Helen and notorious problem student Mia hate the social roles they were assigned by the institution of highschool. When a seemingly harmless conflict between them escalates, the boundaries of their identity constructs and those of the cinematic narrative are blown. What follows is a genre-busting trip through nocturnal Berlin, driven by a longing for physical immediacy and a worthy sparring partner in an increasingly disembodied and virtual world.

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  • Programme 4

    Germany 2022 | fiction | colour | 17 min. | German with English subtitles | world premiere

    Director, editor: Sara Summa
    Screenwriters: Sara Summa, Jacob Hauptmann
    Cinematographer: Moritz Friese
    Music: Ben Roessler
    Sound: Jonas Lechenmayr
    Producers: Cecilia Trautvetter, Daria Wichmann
    Production: Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB)
    Cast: Robin Summa, Moritz Berg, Holly Biela

    As Francesco and his six-year-old daughter Elisa drive through the Berlin night, they make a special encounter. Together with the severe policeman who stops their old and broken car, they embark on a magical journey through the darkness in search of intangible ghosts. Unexpected sympathies develop from this experience, even though the spirits around them never quite disappear.

    Germany 2022 | fiction | colour | 18 min. | German with English subtitles | world premiere

    International title: PULL IT OFF
    Director, screenwriter: Frédéric Jaeger
    Cinematographer: Tom Otte
    Editors: Deniz Şimşek Frédéric Jaeger
    Sound: Yankui Li, Changpeng Wang
    Producers: Frédéric Jaeger, Linus Kreitling
    Production: Frédéric Jaeger Filmproduktion
    Cast: Jasper Engelhardt, Lisa-Marie Janke, Franziskus Claus, Dennis Kamitz, Ela Cosen and others

    Levi arrives too early, Sarah is still working. He wants to take her out, she'd rather go straight to his. The flatmates lie on the couch and laugh. Levi would so like to throw himself into the relationship, but he doesn't dare. Sarah enjoys basking in his admiration, if only there wasn't this niggling feeling that they're too different. Maybe he should call the shots for once.

    Germany 2022 | fiction | colour | 23 min. | German, English with English subtitles | world premiere

    Director, screenwriter: Jouri Hoepfner
    Cinematographer: Larius Kieninger
    Editor: Bastian Faralisch
    Music: Deadcrow, A.G. Cook
    Sound: Jonathan Rösch
    Producer: Leon Harms
    Production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
    Cast: Martine-Nicole Rojina, Norber t Junkes, Thilo Ulbrich, Schwäbisches Salonensemble

    Martine-Nicole Rojina combines science, technology, music and art in her transdisciplinary work. We meet her in Munich at the Isar river. Martine bridges the transformation and temporality of our bodies through her necklace, from which hangs a small piece of a meteorite. In a sensory deprivation tank (floating) we listen to Martine in a state between sleep and wakefulness and join her on an inner journey into the unknown.

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  • Programme 5

    Germany 2022 | fiction | colour | 16 min. | English, Tamil with English subtitles | world premiere

    Directors, Screenwriters: Steffen Köhn, Johannes Büttner
    Cinematographers: Patrick Jasim, Phillip Kaminiak
    Editor: Gines Olivares
    Music: Johannes Klingebiel
    Sound: Elias Hamman, Karl-André Goeters
    Producers: Paola Calvo, Patrick Jasim, Phillip Kaminiak, Tara Afsah
    Production: Tumult
    Cast: Roberto Anjari Rossi, Tyrone Raymond, Boris Dikelo, Kumar Muniandy, Yasmin El Yassini

    Luis is a Deliveroo driver in Berlin who meets a very strange customer. Ramesh delivers for Uber Eats in Hong Kong and gets ambushed. Hiro is working for Amazon Flex while pursuing his acting career when he receives a surprising offer from Amazon Studios. They are all connected through the chat function of an online pizza delivery simulator. They’re up to something. Only what?


    Austria 2022 | fiction | colour | 21 min. | German with English subtitles | world premiere

    Director: Magdalena Chmielewska
    Screenwriters: Magdalena Chmielewska, Andreas Schiessler
    Cinematographer: Manuel Prett
    Editor: Luzia Johow
    Music: Youth Novels
    Sound: Sophie Wasserburger, Luzia Johow, Lisa-Maria Hollaus
    Producer: Saskia Arth
    Production: Filmakademie Wien
    Cast: Magdalena Żak, Laurin Saied, Markus Zett, Christel Wieser

    In her desperate search for sleep seventeen-year-old Eva does everything to stay the night at other people’s houses where she watches others while sleeping. When being awake through the nights, Eva takes us to the backside of normal life at the same time forcing her family and friends to develop a different perspective on what they thought is „normal“.


    Switzerland 2021 | fiction | colour | 13 min. | Swiss German with English subtitles | German premiere

    Director, screenwriter: Leon Schwitter
    Cinematographer: Robin Angst
    Editors: Leon Schwitter, Lasse Linder
    Sound: Daniel Bleuer
    Producers: Filippo Bonacci, Jonas Ballmann
    Production: Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZHdK)
    Cast: Denise Hasler, Felician Hohnloser, Peter Hottinger, Tobi Bienz, Maria-Rebecca Sautter and others

    The sun glows over the hot asphalt. The air conditioning fails in the train carriage, Bluetooth speakers compete with each other by the river and a demonstration brings the trams to a standstill in the city centre. A couple crawls into the fan-cooled togetherness, a family escapes into the idyll of nature and a group of police officers languishes in the van. While the ice melts and tempers flare, no one sees that the water is already up to their necks.

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    Germany, Peru 2021 | documentary | colour | 99 min. | German, English, Spanish with English subtitles | German premiere

    Director, screenwriter, cinematographer, editor, producer: Walter Schmuck
    Music: Juan Pablo Gonzalez Tobón, David Windmüller
    Sound: Finn Tödte
    Production: Doc Schmuck

    A murder case 30 years ago makes the young Don go on a journey to the place where it happened: Cusco, Peru. Driven by curiosity and the lust for adventure, in search of feelings, which go beyond the certainties of a Central European life, Don gets himself a motorcycle, he henceforth calls Rocinante. With this loyal but stubborn "mount" he tries to make his rocky and dangerous way through the jungle and over the Andes. On the journey he writes his diary and letters to his wife at home.

    You can purchase and watch the film here.


    Germany, Great Britain 2021 | fiction | colour | 81 min. | English

    Director, screenwriter: David Preute
    Cinematographer: Ahmed El Nagar
    Editor: Philip Straetker
    Music: Giovanni Berg, Dieter Schleip
    Sound: Dominik Lange
    Producers: Jan Linnartz, Fabian Carl
    Production: La Piscine Productions
    Cast: Ankie Beilke, Paulo Aragao, Tom Bowen, Oleg Kricunova, Patrick Dewayne

    Inspired by true events. Tom Walker is a young and ambitious trader in a large investment bank. He quickly rises through the ranks of the firm and suddenly finds himself responsible for a complicated financial portfolio worth 60 billion dollars. Struggling to meet the troubled bank's enormous profit expectations, he comes up with a not entirely legal financial tool that allows him to bypass the bank's regulations. After making millions and single handedly saving the firm from insolvency, Tom's fraud spirals out of control and he has to realize, that he was but a pawn in a much larger scheme.

    You can purchase and watch the film here.


    Germany 2021 | fiction | colour | 94 min. | German, Kurdish, Turkish with English subtitles

    Director, screenwriter: Florian Hoffmann
    Cinematographer: Carmen Treichl
    Editor: Marco Rottig
    Music: Niklas Paschburg
    Sound: Jakob Mäsel
    Producers: Roxana Richters, Alexander Wadouh, Anna Werner
    Production: Chromosom Film
    Cast: Hadi Khanjanpour, Kristin Suckow, Aziz Capkurt, Jeanette Hain

    When Berlin primary schoolteacher Khalil is shown war video footage from his Kurdish hometown Cizre he believes to recognize his sister. His orderly life starts unravelling as he tries by every means possible to get his sister to safety and to inform the public about the brutal war. When the conflict finally reaches Khalil’s class at school, he is forced to admit: it’s not only about competing in the realm of news media, but also about protecting his own life in Berlin. The film is based on real events. Starting point is the authentic video footage from the Kurdish war zone.

    You can purchase and watch the film here.



  • MOP-Shortlist: Fiction 1

    Germany 2021 | animation | colour | 7 min. | without dialogue

    Director, Screenwriter, Producer: Leonie Minor
    Cinematographer: Faraz Fesharaki
    Editor: Andreas Wodraschke
    Sound: Clemens Nürnberger
    Production: Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB)
    Cast: Leonie Minor, Arthur Minor

    A woman wants to get up. But the chairs she is sitting on won't let her go. The woman's room becomes her universe and the way out of it is, of all things, the armchairs.

    Germany 2021 | fiction | colour | 10 min. | without dialogue

    Director, Screenwriters: Daniel Sosniok, Tim Weiss
    Cinematographer: Bastian Franz, Daniel Sosniok, Yanick Behrendt-Henn
    Editors: Daniel Sosniok, Yanick Behrendt-Henn
    Music: Yannick Uhl
    Sound: Yannick Uhl, Tim Weiss
    Producer: Daniel Sosniok
    Cast: Jan Hillebrand

    Adam – driven by the will to stay alive – escapes the tristesse of his everyday life and embarks on an arduous journey. Thus he finds himself in a world permeated by stress and the excessive demands of everyday life, as well as the restlessness of man.

    Germany,  La Réunion 2021 | fiction | colour | 30 min. | French, Creole with English subtitles

    Director, screenwriter, Producer: Joey Arand
    Cinematopgraphers: Alma Weber, Joey Arand
    Montage: Joey Arand, Monika Kostrzewa
    Music: Saodaj, Zétto
    Sound: Eeva Ojanperä, Hannah Schrem
    Cast: Anjalie Matchu, Enzo Manon, Vanessa Walter, Amalia Ange Damour, Jean-Christophe Goneau

    Two children are locked up in the house with their alcoholic mother because of a cyclone on Reunion Island. To escape confinement with her, they create a fantasy world where they fight a witch in the toilet, whom they blame for their mother's fate.

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  • MOP-Shortlist: Fiction 2

    Germany 2021 | fiction | colour | 30 min. | German with English subtitles

     Directors, screenwriters: Anna Zhukovets, Kokutekeleza Musebeni
    Cinematographers: Florian Berwanger, Louis Dickhaut
    Editors: Denize Galiao
    Music: Ralph Heidel
    Sound: Gerhard Auer
    Producers: Lea Neu, Katharina Kolleczek
    Production: kalekone film
    Cast: Joyce Sanhá, Nancy Mensah-Offei

    Do I really have to travel to 2020? Or can I still switch to another year? Two black women in a hologramm context. The year 2440. Place of residence: Saturn. Racism, sexism and capitalism have been overcome. The destination: Earth. The history of our past echoes into our future. Afro-German, that has been made invisible. The N-word that continues to be uttered in Germany, Germanness and Blackness as a contradiction, an error in the system. “The Door of Return” is an Afro-futuristic documentary. A thought experiment.

    Germany 2021 | animation | b/w | 3 min. | without dialogue

    Director: Aladdin Gomaa
    Screenwriters: Aladdin Gomaa, Rana Nasser
    Music, Sound: Conan

    A community of fishermen settled peacefully for ages by a Lake, when suddenly a group of intruders come to the Lake and take over the fishermen’s boats and put the boats to a strange use. The main character tries to resist and stands up against the intruders, but he could not put an end to the situation. The fishermen eventually give up and settle for what the intruders are doing with their boats, except of the main character who refuses to be transformed, but he leaves the community and departs far away from the Lake.

    Germany 2021 | fiction | colour | 2min. | without dialogue

    Directors: Céline Ahlbrecht, Insa Meyer, Alina Saltheim
    Screenwriter: Dominik Riemer
    Cinematographers, editors: Luca Reppenhorst, Jonas Schmieta
    Music: eeph, TI:ME:CO:DE
    Sound: Henric Schleiner, Henning Großmann (TI:ME:CO:DE)
    Producers: Lotte Ruf, Céline Ahlbrecht, Insa Meyer, Alina Saltheim, Carina Witte
    Production: Lotte Ruf

    At the almost magical production plant, cheese is cut, melted, shaped, washed, powdered and wrapped – merely to face a disastrous end… at least it was made with love.

    The unique feature of our production: the entire movie sets were built with recycled packaging waste and leftover materials. If Charlie hadn’t specialized in chocolate, he would’ve done the same.


    Germany 2021 | fiction | colour | 5 min. | German with English subtitles

    Directors, screenwriters: Nicolai Zeitler, Marlene Bischof
    Cinematographer: Rebecca Meining
    Editor: Nicolai Zeitler
    Music: Konrad Wehrmeister
    Sound; David Benedek
    Producers: Nicolai Zeitler, Philipp Zeitler, Rebecca Meining
    Production: Nicolai Zeitler Filmproduktion, Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München (HFF)
    Cast: Christian Erdt, Martin Weigel, Sarah Giebel, David Benede

    A stressed man on a crowded sidewalk. Everything is too crowded. Too noisy. After a brief rude encounter with a stranger, he daydreams about how he could have reacted differently. What he should have said to the stranger. He gets carried away with his fantasies and conjures up his innermost demons.

    Switzerland 2021 | fiction | colour | 6 min. | without dialogue

    Director, screenwriter: Jan-David Bolt
    Cinematographer: Rokas Sydeikis
    Editor: Lars Mulle
    Music: Markus Schmied
    Sound: Lars Wicki
    Producer: Filippo Bonacci
    Production: Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZHdK)
    Cast: Pascal Ulli, Patrice Gilly, Oliver Stärkle

    Oscar is late. In the surrounding skyscrapers hands are shaken and contracts are signed. That's the last thing he needs right now. Where do these damned snails come from?

    Germany 2021 | fiction | colour | 15 min. | German with English subtitles

    Directors, screenwriters: Kevin Koch, Emma Holzapfel
    Music, sound: Kevin Sliwinski
    Producer: Jacob-Lucas Burckhardt
    Production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
    Cast: Langston Uibel, Amelie Hennig, Marcus Chiwaeze, Malaya Stern Takeda, Kristin Alia Hunold

    It's lockdown in Germany. That's why the clique of friends around Vali is now meeting via Zoom so that they can continue to party. The five friends know each other from school days and went separate ways after graduating from high school. When they meet online, they drink together, talk about things that are on their minds or play games. At this meeting, however, the clique's friendship is put to the test by an unexpected twist.

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  • MOP-Shortlist: Dok

    Germany, Turkey 2022 | documentary | colour, b/w | 14 min. | German with English subtitles | world premiere

    Direction, screenwriter, cinematographer, producer: Akin Sipal
    Editor: Arne Körner
    Sound: Stephan Konken
    Production: Against Reality Pictures

    After the death of his grandfather, the filmmaker travels to Istanbul to film one last time in the space where his grandfather lived for over 40 years while translating central works of the German literature into Turkish. A space of work and living filled with identity and memories  - memories of a life exemplary for the unknown aspects of the history of the Turkish-German relations. A cinematic obituary for the “Turkish voice of Kafka”.


    Germany 2021 | documentary | colour | 28 min. | German with English subtitles | German premiere

    Direction, screenwriter, producer: Raphael Schanz
    Cinematographer: Philipp Seifert
    Editor: Marielle Pohlmann
    Sound: Antonio V. Monge
    Production: panther reh Seifert und Schanz

    Every year, five to ten percent of all deceased Berliners are buried by the authorities. Most of them are put into the ground by mortician Bernd Simon going alone. But sometimes companions do turn up and say goodbye in their very own way. An observational documentary about an undertaker who actually wanted to become an entertainer, a bizarre city portrait and a mirror of how we deal with death, mourning and commemoration.


    Germany 2022 | documentary | colour | 12 min. | Chinese, German with English subtitles | world premiere

    Director, screenwriter, cinematographer, editor, producer: Tianlin Xu
    Music: Timon Wawreczko
    Sound: Erik Anker

    My daughter was born on Christmas Day in Germany, shortly before COVID-19 broke out in my homeland China. The following year felt as if our public life was frozen, but many things happened within our little family: my daughter started to crawl, then walk; learned to fight with her older brother and spoke her first words; she celebrated her first birthday. On the other side of the globe, my parents celebrated two Chinese New Years without us and they had to say goodbye to my Grandma. It had snowed, it had blossomed, Trump was gone. All these moments that we weren't able to share together in real life – celebration or mourning - we shared them on the phone. All of these pieced together is this little film about my family about this odd year- the year of crane.

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