Musikfestspiele Saar

The Musikfestspiele Saar are a biennial event that has presented the musical culture of a respective European country since 1989.

A greater region cultural highlight




The Musikfestspiele Saar, which are held every two years, occupy an outstanding position among the many music festivals by their top-class performers and exciting themes.

They are held at the heart of Europe in the State capital, in the Saarland and in the entire Saar-Lor-Lux region. The festival was founded by Professor Robert Leonardy.

Prominent representatives of the key countries as patrons

During the previous festivals, the Musikfestspiele Saar have not only presented internationally famous orchestras and performers, but have also made a substantial contribution to enriching the programme of concerts above all by first performances, German débuts and modern era premieres.

The patrons of the past Festspiele included, among others, the Prince of Wales, the President of the Republic of Hungary, the President of the European Commission, the King of Spain, Princess Victoria of Sweden and Federal Presidents Johannes Rau and Horst Köhler. The European Commission awarded the Musikfestspiele Saar first prize in the “Kaleidoskope” programme for the “Festival Español 99”. This emphasises the high international status that this festival has now achieved.

Bernhard Leonardy, the son of the founder, Professor Robert Leonardy, took over management of the festival in September 2013.

Other festival information

Each festival with around 30 events is devoted to a composer or the musical culture of a specific country. Theatre, museums, food and drink and retailing offer a supporting programme on the same theme. The events are held in the Saarland, in Lorraine, Luxembourg and in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Former industrial buildings, castles and architecturally interesting churches lend an inimitable touch to the concerts. The Musikfestspiele Saar bring soloists, orchestras and choirs of world renown to the Saar-Lor-Lux region.