Three stars in Saarbrücken’s culinary sky

Mainzer Straße offers award-winning cuisine in the *** GästeHaus Klaus Erfort in addition to fancy food for every taste. 

A paradise for gourmets – and all those aspiring to be one!

GästeHaus Erfort

GästeHaus Erfort

GästeHaus Erfort

Michelin stars do not fall from heaven. Each individual star symbolises great skill and particular creativity in addition to the utmost artistry of the gourmet chefs to whom they were awarded.

Visitors can experience at first hand the epitome of fine dining in the Saarland State capital on the Mainzer Straße: at the *** GästeHaus Klaus Erfort. Award-winning chef Erfort has achieved an impressive total of three of the coveted stars within less than three years with his talent and team.

Mainzer Straße and its culinary highlights

Enjoyment at the highest level and lifestyle culture, as cultivated here, go hand in hand on one and the same street with a highly interesting culinary environment: small exotic restaurants directly opposite, the local hotel business, the neighbouring café bars, pubs and taverns. Saarbrücken in general and particularly its Mainzer Straße is therefore always worth a visit – in terms of fine food and when looking over the edge of the plate!

Haus Brück

Regional and international specialities in addition to expertise in fish & wine await guests. Superb inner courtyard!

Haus Brück, Mainzer Straße 6, 66111 Saarbrücken, telephone: +49 681 950 8800,

Domicil Leidinger

Boutique hotel in the 3 and 4-star class with excellent cooking - the top choice for fine Mediterranean cuisine.
Jens Jakob, once again awarded a star by the "Michelin Guide", cooks here in the "Jens Jakob - Das Restaurant".

Domicil Leidinger, Mainzer Straße 10, 66111 Saarbrücken, telephone: +49 681 9327-0,

Hotel & Café Kaiserhof

Ranging from breakfast fit for king to a stylish overnight stay: hospitality 24 hours a day.

Hotel & Café Kaiserhof, Mainzer Straße 78, 66121 Saarbrücken, telephone: +49 681 687 060,

Krua Thai

A hint of exotic holidays with original Thai cuisine – all in the centre of town.

Krua Thai Saarbrücken, Mainzer Straße 71, 66121 Saarbrücken, telephone: +49 681 646 95,

Viva Zapata

Tapas perfectly set in scene in a splendid atmosphere - including an unbeatable inner courtyard ambience in summer.

Viva Zapata, Mainzer Straße 8, 66111 Saarbrücken, telephone: +49 681 375 647